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Personal Hygiene


A 2010 WHO(World Health Organisation) report on Pandemics after the outbreak of H1N1(Swine Flu) has discussed how a pandemic starts and how it has an impact over a wide geographical area. We were still trying to learn how huge the aftermath would be and even before we realized it we had another Pandemic outbreak in the form of Coronavirus. 

 “ Wellness” is a  holistic term to define someone’s health and when we had our tagline as “Resonating Wellness” we never had a pandemic on our minds while making it our tagline but all we wanted was a language that encompasses every single aspect of human health which we assume more than just something physical or visible to the naked eye. A situation or rather to call a crisis like this has shaken us up, divided most of the people and tried to break their spirits but it has also taught us things like how to come together in partnerships, alternative ways of lifestyle or at times just going back to very basic discipline and etiquette. We would like to put out a few observations that should make us more optimistic about what the future holds for us and what “WELLNESS” might mean to us: 


  • This may be the second time in history ever since “The Great Depression”, that stakeholders ranging from political organizations, doctors, bureaucrats, statisticians, medical workers, epidemiologists, etc have come together to discuss a global problem. We can call it an awakening than look at the chaos with more panic.


  • Positivity during a  pandemic is the biggest and the most underrated remedy. We all have consumed enough media and just consume positive media while you take all the precautions.


  • When speaking of the etiquette to follow we are just being asked to maintain social distance, Which is not really a daunting task. We are just asked to maintain queues which are nothing but basic manners while in public.


  • Nutrition took the center stage of every debate, are doctors just going to be emergency service workers in the near future? Are we burdened with a future where we have to take care of what we eat rather than seeing a doctor who would be completely unaware of ailments and diseases? Grocery shops are turning out to be the new chemist shops.


  • A balanced lifestyle that enriches your overall well being is the need of the hour. Including organic foods into your diet can be a great way to achieve quality nutrition. Just getting the right amount of protein, carbohydrate, fats are a bygone era; It is more about the quality of the macros you consume. Watch the labels on your food before you buy it.


  • 30-40 minute physical activity every day will not just give you an endorphin rush but complement your overall immune system and health. Endorphins have proven to alleviate depression, reduce stress, and also boost self-esteem. So, Sweat it out to feel better during the COVID crisis.


                Pandemic has transformed urban lives as cities are the epicentre for such outbreaks, Discussion over lifestyle more than health and debate over prevention more than any remedy is the need of the hour. Elevating your lifestyle is nothing but taking care of yourself, Taking care of yourselves is nothing but just looking into the basics of what your mind and body needs. 

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