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Virgin Coconut Oil

Our Cold-pressed Virgin Coconut Oil is another superfood one has to stack up on. This oil adds value to your cardiovascular health besides many other benefits to your skin and hair. Our Cold-pressed Virgin Coconut Oil Is extracted from Ceylon’s freshest Coconut kernels. Ideal for health conscious cooking, increases HDL(Good Cholesterol) and improves brain function.

Available In 200ml, 320ml & 500ml


  • Diabetic-friendly

  • Aids in weight loss

  • Rich in Lauric acid that fights against infections


  • Use to fry food and also prepare curries

  • Apply on the skin as a moisturizer

  • Make “Bulletproof Coffees” to boost your athletic endurance

Pro Tip

Just add a tablespoon of Virgin Coconut oil to your morning coffee and boost your metabolism.

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