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Sunflower Oil

Resona Sunflower oil is carefully extracted from organically cultivated sunflowers through traditional cold press extraction methods which allow the oil to retain its distinctive taste and flavor without the need for artificial additives. Cold press extraction also allows for the retention of all essential vitamins and micronutrients which are otherwise lost during the extraction process due to high temperatures at which oils are extracted.

Furthermore, the presence of naturally occuring healthy fats can aid in weight loss and the presence of micronutrients can boost immunity and improve health.

Available In 500ml


  • Improves skin health and promotes cell regeneration

  • A great immunity booster

  • A source of energy and healthy fats which are good for your heart

  • Reduces inflammation and restores balance to your body


  • Very versatile cooking oil that lets you cook anything from  Spanish Omelette to Butter Chicken

  • When applied directly over the skin it has great healing properties

Pro Tip

Adding sunflower oil to your daily diet can reduce premature aging. A secret most celebrities don’t share

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