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Morniga Powder

Moringa, This marvel plant that was just native to the African subcontinent today is hailed as a global superfood today. Powder derived from the dried leaves of this plant is moringa powder, loaded with essential amino acids, fiber, and protein this superfood is every wellness enthusiast's dream. Include this into your diet and boost your overall stamina.

Available In 200gms


  • Provides a great energy boost

  • Controls blood pressure 

  • Delays ageing process


  • Just make some Moringa Tea and the magnesium and iron-rich components in it will boost your energy levels

  • As it is rich in vitamin A add it to your skin and hair routine to enhance your results

Pro Tip

 A single serving of Moringa powder (2tbsps) comprises around 32.2% of your daily Iron requirement and 18.9% of Vitamin A. So goodbye fatigue

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