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Jaggery Powder

Jaggery has been one of the most underrated indulgences that is barely recognised for its nutritional benefits and how it can be used as part of our daily diet. Jaggery which is predominantly a native sugar to the sub-continent is usually obtained from raw, concentrated sugarcane juice; It also alternatively be derived from date palm and sap of coconut but one from the sugarcane is the most commonly used. 

Available In 500gms


  • Boosts immunity 

  • Generates heat inside the body

  • Detoxifies the body 

  • Rich in iron 

  • Aids in weight loss 


  • A substitute for table sugar and a very diabetic friendly alternative

  • Add some jaggery powder to your baking recipes as it blends well into any flour

  • Just eat a small chunk and it aids in proper digestion

Pro Tip

You can substitute your refined sugar with some Jaggery powder. Drinking Jaggery with warm water every morning is a great detox routine!

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