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Groundnut Oil

Resona Groundnut oil is carefully extracted from organically cultivated groundnuts through traditional cold press extraction methods which allow the oil to retain its distinctive taste and flavor without the need for artificial additives. Cold press extraction also allows for the retention of all essential vitamins and micronutrients which are otherwise lost during the extraction process due to high temperatures at which the conventional oils are extracted at. 

Available In 500ml


  • Rich source of unsaturated fats

  • Maintains Heart Health

  • Rich in antioxidants

  • Boosts skin health


  • It’s nutty flavor actually makes fried foods get a crispy edge

  • It is a very stable oil and is a great option to sauteé vegetables and also to. Temper the spices in most of the sub-continental preparations

Pro Tip

The vitamin E content preserved in Groundnut oil is really rich in antioxidants and also the monosaturated fats in it lower your blood pressure

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