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Resona Extra Virgin Coconut

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

A stable, naturally saturated fat-free from all trans-fatty acids. This oil due to it’s versatile natural properties has an array of uses from cooking to nourishing your skin with an even tone and elevating it’s texture. This oil being completely cold-pressed preserves the unique nutritional values of coconut oil.

Available In 200ml 320ml & 500ml


  • Fat burner

  • Raise good cholesterol(HDL) levels 

  • Ketones present reduces your hunger

  • Boosts brain function


  • Alternative to use while frying foods

  • Apply on hair and skin

  • Add as a dressing to salads

Pro Tip

Our EVCOs act as a great moisturizer against dry skin. Next time you find a bottle of Resona Extra virgin coconut oil in your kitchen ensure that you buy one more for your dressing table. 

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