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Coconut Milk Raw

Resona Organic Coconut Milk Light is extracted from coconuts from the famed coconut triangle of Sri Lanka that is rich in vitamins such as C, E, B1, B3 and B6 that complement minerals in it such as iron, selenium and magnesium. The milk is free from every preservative while encompassing essential nutrients for healthy hair and can definitely add a welcome twist to your cooking while containing nearly half as much fat as regular coconut milk without compromising on the goodness it usually comprises.

The difference between our Organic Coconut Milk and Raw Coconut Milk is that we do not add guar gum to our raw milk which is a 100% natural additive that maintains consistency and thickness of the milk. You may notice that the Raw Milk is broken and inconsistent, this is due to the lack of Guar Gum in Raw Coconut Milk

Available In 400ml


  • Boosts Immune System

  • Weight Loss 

  • Boosts Athletic Performance

  • Enhances Brain Function


  • Use coconut milk as a direct substitute for milk in your cereals, oats, smoothies, curries, soups, and baking

  • Add coconut milk to your coffee for a vegan, dairy-free coffee rich in MCTs and spike your energy

Pro Tip

A very versatile ingredient to many cuisines, Add it to your Indian Curries, Cheesecakes, and also add nutritional value to your morning oats with our Raw coconut milk

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